Rules & Regulation

1. The Competition is open to pianists of all nationalities.

2. The age limit is eighteen to twenty-eight; however, a younger contestant may be accepted if the artists’ committee feels he or she is sufficiently mature.

3. All repertoire must be performed from memory, except for the Chamber Music Round.

4. The purpose of the Vendome Prize is to launch pianists into the concert world. As a consequence, it expects candidates to have a large repertory including 6 concertos if a candidate is under the age of 24, and at least 8 thereafter, on the understanding that they all will not be up to immediate performance standards.

5. Contestants must submit their complete repertoire with the application form.

6. Repertoire cannot be altered later than 30 days before the competition.

7. Timings should be provided. The playing order of contestants is to be determined by a straw ballot, a system that will apply to every stage of the competition.

8. Prior to the Verbier competition, a meeting will be held with the Chairman of the Jury requiring the attendance of all contestants. The purpose will be to confirm information and obviate misunderstandings.

9. Contestants selected for the competitions in Verbier must remain available at all times throughout the Competition.

10. Latecomers for events may face disqualification.

11. All Jury decisions will be final and not subject to appeal.

12. The Foundation will retain all rights to video or audio recordings of Competition performances.

13. No additional fee will be payable for any performance given in the course of the Competition.

14. Prize money may be taxable in the country of performance.

15. Graduation from a Conservatory is not a prerequisite for acceptance in the Competition, but a major successful international career already well under way could be a disqualifying factor.